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New media. New money. New reality.

dlux is a decentralized content network explored virtually in 3D space.

Design and publish dapps, interfaces, and experiences for distribution through web browsers at no cost.

AR and VR on any device.

This is an immersive canvas beyond the 16x9 box, build anything.

dlux has built boiler-plate projects on Glitch using A-Frame.

Users can remix these projects to quickly begin building XR scenes.

Attention economy built on trust and crypto.

Content is monetized via the STEEM blockchain, which is incorruptible, irrefutable, immutable, and secure.

Bypass centralized censorship and enforce transparency with community up-voting and down-voting.

Escape advertising filter bubbles with a peer-to-peer value economy.

Contribute to a proof-of-brain network built on trust and reputation.


The dlux software is designed and published by OTOLUX, a future-first, do-good experiential agency comprised of two humans:

Steve Ettinger


Co-Founder | Development Lead

Mark Giles


Co-Founder | Design Lead

Donate Steem now to secure your dlux SMT

dlux SMT is launching March 24th when the STEEM SMT framework goes live!

SMT means Smart Media Contract, a new crypto framework on STEEM

Participate in the dlux ICO with STEEM

There are two ways to get dlux SMT in our Steem ICO:

1. send STEEM to


2. delegate Steem Power to


YES! You can earn dlux SMT just for delegating your Steem Power to @dlux-io to help us grow!

    All you need to participate in the dlux SMT is:
  • a STEEM account
  • some STEEM or Steem Power

Click either username above to login through SteemConnect and make your transfer.

Need a STEEM account or help buying STEEM? Check out the


Demo our XR tech: Try our beta interfaces for sending Steem

dlux VR ICO Terminal

We built a virtual space with all the relevant details about the ICO status and controls to transact with the Steem blockchain from inside VR!

dlux AR ICO Terminal

We also built an a small push button AR terminal that appears above our dlux marker.


Read about our SMT

Read more about our tokenomics in our White Paper.


Q. How do I get a Steem account?
A. Visit or have a dlux founder create one for you in person.

Q. How do I get Steem crypto?
A. Use to transfer crypto such as Bitcoin or Ethereum into Steem or Steem Power.

Steem is also now available in NetCoins ATMs.

Q. How do I get Bitcoin or Ethereum?
A. You need a fiat gateway. One option is to download the Coinbase app on your smartphone.

Open source, decentralized XR

dlux is built from many great projects, bringing together an incredible community.

A-Frame: WebVR + AR.js

Our forked A-Frame inspector lets you build and publish anything you can dream of with 3D models, photos, and video.

We've built several templates for you to start from, and stored them on Glitch to easily remix into your own creations.

If you'd like to get started building AR and VR experiences with A-Frame and Glitch that you can publish to Steem, check outour Wiki

STEEM social blockchain

Steem is a blockchain using decentralized proof-of-stake as a consensus mechanism to pay content creators crypto currency from a rewards pool.

New money enters the system because the Steem currency is desirable since it can be used to amplify your voice through a process called Powering Up.

Steem is a social media blockchain capable of deriving value and distributing rewards through community upvotes and down votes.

Learn more and sign up for aSTEEM account.

InterPlanetary File System

IPFS is distributed internet based on the same peer-to-peer technology as BitTorrent.

No centralized servers, just software that copies itself based on need.

This is a resilient, high availability, censorship resistant distribution model fit for developed and developing worlds.